AC-11(Cats Claw): AMAZING!


For the sake of consistency, and not to confuse anyone, I will use the term AC11 in this article. Keep in mind that its known by both AC11 and Cats Claw.

Some of you who might be new to this herb, might be wondering.. cats claw? this is a woody vine that grows in South America Rain Forests, so yes it is a plant! There are two types that have been of interest for medicinal properties, Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis.

AC11 has been used for improving symptoms of both osteoarthritis as well at rheumatoid arthritis. I personally use AC11 it for my arthritis.

It is also used for various digestive issues like diverticulitis, colitis, gastritis and even hemorrhoids. AC11 has also been used for leaky bowel syndrome.

Some people use CA11 for viral infections such as shingles and aids.

AC11 can also used by people with chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s and many types of cancers, such as urinary tract cancers, certain brain cancers like glioblastoma. It has even been used for Hay fever and asthma!

Slowing down the aging process

You are probably thinking, WOW! this sounds incredible! it gets better! AC11 has been proven to not only help with the above, but goes further by repairing your DNA, lengthens telomeres, resulting in slowing of the aging process! You read that right. The use of AC11 can help from the inside out with sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Dr. Kaushal: renowned expert explains

Moreover, it helps with inflammation. As we age inflammation causes us to move less due to the pain it creates. AC11 addresses this to help us stay active and pain free, this in turn staves off things like chronic fatigue. We all want to be as active as we can, AC11 helps!

Fighting free radicals

Are you aware that even when you work out your body produces free radicals.. YIKES! and if your SOD2 gene (free radical defense) or your GSTP1 Gene (oxidative stress) has a single or double variant, then you are even more susceptible to the damage of free radicals! AC11 aggressively goes after those free radicals. (see my blog post on the importance of knowing about your SOD2 and GSTP1 genes)

Healthy brain function

Who doesn’t want healthy brain function? AC11 has proven to be a great supplement to not only reduce brain fog and give you much clearly thought process, it also gives you the ability to concentrate and stay focused, fighting those free radicals.

Who should take AC11

If you are an adult who would like to keep your body as healthy as possible both now and into the future, you should use AC-11. Anyone who already has some health concerns may want to add it as part of their regiment to fight the health problems. Starting sooner rather than later can help Slow down the progression of serious health concerns.

Do you a family history of genetic related health problems? If so, your are at risk. Most people have no clue if they are “at risk”. The best way to find out, is to have your DNA tested. Although this can be expensive, there is a company called Uforia that will test many of your actionable genes (a gene that can be influenced) for about $100.00. Adding AC-11 can help to lower that risk.

AC-11 for gene repair, gives your body the edge it needs! AC11 can be found in many supplement types, take your time to find a great product that can offer you theraputic doses based on what your DNA actionable genes tell you! There are cheaply made imitations that you need to be aware of. These will not give you all the benefits of a high grade, NON GMO, VEGAN and clean supplement. I do HIGHLY recommend Uforia Science. They have a great reputation, their products are clean, Their labs are HIPAA compliant






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