Over 37 MILLION people in the US alone suffer from Diabetes..

Diabetes concept with insulin, syringe, vials, pills, and stethoscope.

Many of those 37 MILLION seek every day for options other than Pharmaceutical medications, many with harsh side effects. Today I am going to discuss one of those options that may be available to you.

Millions of people with diabetes are always looking for ways to either lessen or completely get off of pharmaceutical drugs that carry with them many side effects. Today’s blog post will strictly talk about type ll diabetes. Lets start by finding out what exactly is type ll diabetes.

Here is a great article from MAYO CLINIC that describes type ll diabetes. CLICK HERE

You do not have to look far to learn about all the side effects of these meds. This article from Web MD talks about them CLICK HERE The one thing you learn is that NONE of the side effects are fun! and some can be life threatening. How many times do we see family and friends who get on medication for diabetes, start off on just one, then soon they are on 2, 3, 4 meds all to “help” the side effects of the first drugs.. its a vicious cycle! Before we know it, our loved ones are on a dozen meds and start losing their quality of life.

So besides eating healthier, something we all should do! what can ALL OF us, with diabetes or not, do to either stay healthy or help us get healthy? It seems almost everything you buy these days is full of refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup. I do grow most of my own food and we hunt and fish, so although we eat healthier than most, I know that there are MILLIONS of people who just are not to that point in their lives yet. We also know that in many cases it is not completely diet related, soooo….. what can they do?

We all know there are lots of over the counter (OTC) pills/powders and such that claim to help you, however, if these really worked, I think the diabetic community would already know about them and they would spread like wildfire. I am sure some of them have helped people, but obviously not enough that they have made a splash. We all also know that big pharma spends millions of dollars a year in discounting anything that they cannot make a profit on!

I came across a product in 2020 that I gave to friends who are diabetic and was blown away by the results! Not only did they see instant tangible results thru blood sugar testing, many have seen their A1C lower in relatively short periods of time as well.

By now you are probably wondering, what is this product? Here is the high level overview, then we will get into the nitty gritty!

Product is called NRM (Normal), it is:

  • 100% Plant based
  • Certified:
    • Kosher
    • Halal
    • Organic
    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
    • Non GMO
  • NO artificial color/ flavor/ sweeteners
  • Has published white papers (medical research paper)
  • Works instantly due to mucosal delivery (just pop it in your mouth and suck on it till gone)
  • FDA Registered
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Here are the ingredients:

Let me tell you a little about the company that makes this wonderful product. It is APL, a 10.5yr old company that started in Europe in 2011 and came to North America in 2020. They manufacture their own products in their own plant that has several ISO certifications. They have patented processes that also infuse negative IONS (more on that below) into each of their products, including NRM. The company is licensed in the USA, has offices and corporate personnel as well as local support. The ingredients in their products are grown under very strict conditions and thus have over 30 certifications worldwide proving just how good they are.

To top it all off, NRM is also published in a medical journal!!! this means it has MANY peered reviewed studies that have proven that the ingredients used, do what is claimed! CHECK IT OUT!

Here is a short video that will talk about this wonderful product!

Now let’s pick up on what I mentioned earlier, NEGATIVE IONS! APL has a patented process called Acumulit SA technology that infused the plants with negative IONS. It is important to note that these DNA health lozenges do NOT have a bunch of crushed up, powdered plant matter in them. APL uses only the PLANT DNA along with negative IONS in an all natural base. These lozenges are put into your mouth, you suck on them till gone. Because they bypass the digestive system and are absorbed thru the mucus membranes in the mouth, they go to work at the micro cell level in just 11 seconds! Your body never has to “digest” anything, or change anything into what it can use. This is why they work so fast! Our bodies recognize the plant DNA as biologically correct and put it to use right away! Here is a short video that explains it all!

Here is more info on those negative IONS that are so healthy for us! read it HERE on WebMD

and here is a bit more info on the great effects of negative IONS for us!

Take a peek at a few testimonies from friends!

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To conclude: This product is 100% all natural, over 30 certifications and written up in a medical journal! The price point is affordable to anyone, they work fast and they taste great! The company offers a 30 day $$ back guarantee! So if your looking for a way to help your body do what its meant to do, with a product that has NO side effects, will NOT harm your organs and just may end up helping you, give it a go! I 100% support this product, because what I have seen it do for friends of mine! I also know I can take one if I have that extra sweet, or extra chocolate and rest easy knowing its helping my blood sugar stay within the NORMAL ranges!

NOTE: I am an affiliate with APL and will make a small commission on any purchase You can get more info HERE. There are leader incentives available

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