Homemade Mayo!

Homemade Mayo is simple, takes only a few moments, save you money, puts you in control of the ingredients, tastes great, can be made in small or big batches, has NO preservatives, tastes great!

You only need a few ingredients and tools to make homemade mayo

  • Blender- must have a removable lid or at least the removable cap within the lid
  • Rubber spatula
  • clean, disinfected storage container ( I use a glass jar)

And now lets get to the actual ingredients and the HOW TO!

  • 2 eggs, the fresher the better! yes you will use the whole egg
  • 1/2-1t dry mustard powder ( I buy organic)
  • 1t salt: I use grey but you can use white or pink it must be fine ground
  • 1/8C white vinegar (this is optional, I have done it both ways with great success)
  • 1t cane sugar (I use stevia) any type of sweetener is fully optional
  • 1.5-2C light olive oil (DO NOT use extra virgin olive oil, use the light colored) You could also use other types of oils, such as avacado, vegetable. but I prefer the olive oil

Directions for making your mayo!

Okay, Now comes the fun part!

Put the eggs, mustard powder, salt, vinegar (if using) into the blender and blend for approx 20-30 seconds till mixed well with blender on low.

KEEP THE BLENDER ON LOW, ***SLOWLY*** very very slowly, start pouring in the olive oil, it should be pouring in a continuous stream the side of a string.. This is where you must show patience! The steadier and slower the pouring of oil, the better it will emulsify (thicken)

Because I use fresh eggs right from our chickens my mayo is never white. I also use organic light mustard powder. The color of your mayo will vary depending on the ingredients used.

As you are finishing pouring in the oil, allow the blender to run another 10-15 seconds, you may have to turn up the speed on the blender at this point as its thicker.

Once you are finished, taste test to check flavor. then use a spatula to move to a storage container. Sometimes this can be tricky if your not using a wide mouth jar, I use a cake icing tube, spoon it into that, then push the plunger into the container, this way I do not have a huge mess, or waste alot of my mayo! Depending on the freshness of your eggs, your mayo can last a week to 10 days in a cold fridge!

From here its super simple to make Ranch salad dressing, coleslaw dressing, cakes or any other of your favorite recipe’s.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment and tell me how it goes for you!

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