Ladies: has your libido left you?

Today we talk about how to enhance your libido without drugs!

Its no secret that we women get a bad rap sometimes for things attributed to our hormones! Things like our mood, energy, monthly cycle, menopause and yes even our sex life!

From the day we are born until the day we pass on, our hormones are changing. This is brought on by many “cycles” in our lives from puberty, then child bearing, then menopause. Some of the things that are less known, or should I say NOT TAUGHT, is the fact that few people are looking at the whole picture. When was the last time you heard anyone teaching about how the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use and even exercise have a GREAT DEAL to do with our hormones and yes, our sex life!

Lets go over some background:

We are taught to take a pill for everything.. Now do not get me wrong, I am not against pharmaceutical drugs, doctors or medications. (modern medicine saved both of my daughters lives, and my own). What I am against is society teaching that a DRUG can FIX everything.. In many cases, drugs simply mask things, this is NOT a fix. What I am against, is society being taught to just “pop a pill” and not being educated on what is really going on with your body. YEAH YEAH, I get it,, when your in the throws of massive cramps you really do not care about anything but making sure you feel better! Been there done that!

What MOST people do not do is think about the long term consequences of all those “pills” Have you EVER read the “side effects” of even just tylenol, or midol? what about naproxen or acetaminophen?

Are you aware you could DIE??? yet woman of all ages are just taught to pop that pill to help with their mood swings, cramps, bloating, headache, get my drift..Well lets just take a look at some of the side effects of acetaminophen. “severe liver damage” and every single person who takes this is at risk for not just liver damage, they specifically say “SEVERE” and that is just ONE.. if you read the article, the list is long! The bottom line, drugs have a place in our lives, but in my humble opinion should not be our first “go to”. Instead, how about we teach folks to eat better, eat organic, exercise.. ya know.. live a bit healthier!

What directly impacts our hormones that we can change:

This is a great question! and pretty simple if you stop and think about it! Until its no longer COOL to pop a pill and until we stop allowing big pharma commercials to run our health, well, lets just say, we have our work cut out for us!

  1. Stop eating all that fast food! all that fried food! all that junk food!
    Since when did potatoes come in a box in the form of powder?
    Mac and cheese is NOT a food group!
  2. Its very important to get back to eating correctly! cutting out whole food groups is NOT healthy!
    Each food group has a place and our bodies need each of them! That means we eat from each one in moderation, and knowing some folks are sensitive, you can pick and choose!
    Here are 4 foods that can have an impact on your hormones
  • Red Meat. Red meat contains high amounts of saturated and hydrogenated fats which are considered unhealthy types of fat. …
  • Processed Foods. Processed and refined foods have been linked to various health issues. …
  • Caffeine. …
  • Soy and Dairy products.
    Also growing as much of your food as you can OR buying CERTIFIED organic. Not only will this help you control the amount of pesticides your putting into your body, by growing your own food, you KNOW exactly where it came from! (check out some of my other posts on just how simple it is to grow your own food!)

Mary Esther Gilbert: Holistic Nutr. Physiologist, Author, Educator. Founder CEO, True Health Mastery Academy

Has a LOT of info on women’s health! she has published several books, on using mother nature to align and replenish your body and your hormones! One of those books is about the line of products we are talking about today!

One of the things she talks about is how mother nature gives us everything we need to help balance our hormones and help us live fully. Things like Ginko, Ginger, Apricot, Asparagus, Damiana, and Ashwagandha help each woman with hormones, hot flashes, energy and more!

SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT! We can all run out and buy those ingredients and take them and see results! NOT SO FAST! Part of the issue with ANYTHING that goes thru the digestive system is absorption. On top of that, some things are water soluble and some need oil. So when we run out to the local store and purchase those pills, tablets, powders and such, we actually are not getting the absorption of all of the ingredients in the amounts we may need. On top of that, recently there was a study done on some of the top brands of supplements and it was found out that many of them either did not have all the ingredients listed AND/OR had dangerous and prohibited ingredients that were NOT listed! Check it out here

THAT SHOULD SCARE THE HECK OUT OF US! I always look for CERTIFICATIONS when I buy a product! Recently I found an all natural product line that perked my attention.

So many of my women friends suffer from issues with “the change” especially girls… we know it,, our libido drops like a rock! Knowing I was headed that direction, I decided that I needed to address the issue head on! I am lucky as I have never had a hot flash, nor mood swings, or any of the other “stuff” that comes along with menopause. However, I know that a good sex life helps not only your relationship, but also your health! Yes ladies a good “O” has a lot of benefits! so a romp between the sheets on a regular basis is a good thing all the way around!

Knowing that our bodies do not absorb much of what we put into our stomach, and knowing that most things on the market are crap. I was intrigued with this particular product that I was introduced to. I have talked with so many women who’s hot flashes were gone in just minutes! who had more energy, better mood, and their libido made a return! so, of course, I decided this was a must try!

To say that I am glad I did is an understatement! this product, called PWR (power apricot) not only helps with mood, energy, balancing hormones (no matter what age you are), it also has been shown to get rid of those hot flashes, and yes bring back your sex drive,, AND help with vaginal dryness!! now that is a win!

Here is Mary Esther Gilbert talking about how this one little drop, that tastes like candy “can save your marriage”

Let me tell you more about the product! You have NOTHING TO LOSE! and everything to gain!

PWR Apricot is manufactured by a company called APL, They manufacture their own products, in their own facility. Here are some interesting facts about the company and product line:

  1. 11 yr old company
  2. Debt Free
  3. Manufacture their own products
  4. over 30 certifications worldwide! Including:
    *Beyond Organic
    *Gluten Free
    *Non GMO
  5. NO artificial color, flavor, sweeteners
  6. FDA Registered
  7. Work fast, 100% absorbed right in the mouth
  8. Simply suck on it like a lifesaver, Even tastes like one!

Now that you know a little about the product and company, its time to learn a bit more! Here are just a FEW testimonies on PWR APRICOT

If your ready to get some of your own, simply CLICK HERE Yes I will earn a small commission from your purchase. If you have ANY questions, just contact me! Email: PHONE: 1 360 509 4302

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