Blind VS Personalized Nutrition


Now you are probably wondering what ” Blind VS Personalized Nutrition” actually means. Simply put, Blind nutrition is a one size fits all approach and personalized nutrition means its made just for you! Be honest, what would you rather take?

Each of us are unique and different from every other person on the planet. Not one of us has the exact same genetics. Not all of us need the same supplements. For over 8 decades now, we have purchased and taken things like centrum, one a day, kids gummies… well you get the point! We have no idea if our bodies need those ingredients or not, we just blindly swallow them. Let us not even get into the inferior ingredients that are used in most over the counter supplements!


The truth is, do you really know what your body needs? I mean really? Some of us are taking supplements without even knowing if we need them, or maybe were taking to much and over time that can become toxic. Several years ago, I had a doctor put me on a supplement regime and after about 40 days I was so sick, I ended up in the hospital for three days! It was VITAMIN TOXICITY! I have not taken a supplement since then!


I know I am not alone in this fact. When you see an add on tv or radio, some actor in a white coat saying “XX will make you lose weight” or “XX can solve your bloating” we seem to jump at the chance to purchase the product. After all, the tv said it would work! Or walking into a vitamin shop only to see thousands of bottles… how do we pick one? Then only to find out, that many times they do not work, thus we become frustrated.


The good news is, blind nutrition is the past and personalized nutrition is the new age and future! Imagine knowing that what your taking is actually needed by your body! actually helping your body! I am sure most of you are aware that doctors and medicine are now going the way of personalized medicine as well.

Personalized nutrition is not really new! Believe it or not, its been around for a while. So why don’t more people know about it? BECAUSE ITS BEEN VERY VERY EXPENSIVE! In fact, its been cost prohibitive for most! Costing $3000 to $5000 just to get tested then thousands of dollars per month! and MOST of the products are simply off the shelf generic products of inferior quality. Naturopath’s have been doing this for several years to their clients that can afford to spend that.

Its great that it has been available, but not so great that you need thousands of dollars in extra income to take part! This means that MOST people cannot get access to the very information that could lead them to a healthier happier life!

How do you find out what your body needs?

The first thing you have to do is take a DNA test. This is NOT the same as 23 and me or ancestry. Those only test for your heritage (where you come from), not only that, they sell that information to companies like Pfizer. If you decide to start finding out exactly what your body needs for its optimal health, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Going thru the many online services usually will NOT protect your privacy and in fact the small print says they will sell your info.
  2. You can look up a homeopathic doctor and make an appt, they usually will compound (Compounding is the creation of a pharmaceutical preparation—a drug—by a licensed pharmacist to meet the unique needs of an individual patient (either human or animal) when a commercially available drug does not meet those needs. … Flavor a medication (to make it more palatable for a child or a pet). a supplement for you after they run some of your DNA. These doctors usually are hipaa ( compliant. and cost thousands of dollars. They then usually will just pull supplements off a shelf and have you take them
  3. There is at least one company that allows you to take a DNA test in your home that will test 18 actionable SNP’s exclusively for preparing a supplement just for you. They are Hipaa and CLIA compliant. Keep reading to find out more.

Whatever your decision, make sure to do your due diligence on the company, and what supplements they are giving you, as well as where did the ingredients come from? are they clean? organic? is it food based or chemical based? what is the cost? All of these questions need to be asked, after all, its your body, your health and your life!

Making it affordable

Above I mentioned a company that does make this process affordable. They do not pick bottles off a shelf, they hand make, in therapeutic doses, a personalized supplement based on 18 actionable snp’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) SNP . That’s a mouth full! What it means is that all of us are different! We all do NOT need the same supplements/minerals/vitamins. They provide approx 100 ingredients that COULD be in your supplement. NSF Certified, Vegan, Gluten Free as well.

Here is a short video explaining it all:

Now that you have SEEN just how easy it is.. Why not get your DNA done TODAY! find out where your DNA is vulnerable and take action to give it all it needs to live a strong healthy long life! Think about how much money you could save in possible medical bills! You can get started today by simply clicking HERE. Remember, Uforia is HIPAA compliant, so all your info is safe!


Even the White house doctor has private labeled our supplements for his patients!

Our professional line allows, any professional, gym owner, Chiropractor, RN, spa owner and many more, to private label our products and offer them to your patients! What a way to help your patients actually get healthy and expand your business!

The Bottom Line

Uforia Science IS the swiss army knife to your health! It gives you what YOU need. Not anything more or less! Most people have no clue exactly what their bodies are vulnerable to especially as we age! Give your body a voice! give it what it needs to be all it can be for as long as it can be!

Have Questions? Please post them, or contact me, I would be happy to help!

Whatever your choice, we have one body, we did not have any control over what genes were passed to us, we can only control what we have. The first step is finding out WHAT’S IN YOUR GENES! That is a simple $99 DNA test and THOUSANDS of dollars CHEAPER than anywhere else!

You are unique and deserve the best!

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