GSTP1-What the heck is it?

Its all about “oxidative stress” and its SUPER important! This is the CARETAKER GENE!

Wat is the purpose of your GSTP1 Gene?

Please pay attention to this article! it could alter your health in a great way!! We all are keenly aware of our genes being able to trace where we come from and that’s cool. What about something much “cooler” that really could give you the insight you need about what your body is prone to? ITS ALL IN YOUR GENES!!!

Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of the important “heavy hitter” genes in your body that are what we call ACTIONABLE. That means that you can take action to help influence what happens in your health due to the “variant” in your gene. Here is a great explanation:

So now down to where the rubber meets the road! the GSTP1 Gene is one of the many glutathione S-Transferases. These are one of the sets of enzymes that can be found in many cells.

Why is this gene important?

The GSTP1 gene helps with detoxification of free radicals and foreign compounds. This happens thru a process called Phase detoxification. Believe it or not, Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant found within our cells! It acts alone on intracellular reactive oxygen species, but also acts with the GSTP1 gene to NEUTRALIZE foreign compounds, renders them non toxic and then secrets them from the body thru our usual methods. This makes GSTP1 very effective at reducing oxidative stress! What this all means is that it goes after and gobbles up free radicals that could eventually cause many chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s as well as macular degeneration and even cancer cells! It goes after Heavy metals as well! I think we can agree that ALL of us need to make sure our GSTP1 Gene is working! DO you know if yours is? All of us want to go into our “golden years” as healthy as we can! Keep reading to find out how simple it is to find out if your GSTP1 is working correctly or not!

Having a Variant puts you at risk!

More and more we are finding out that our genes dictate more than we ever thought! Think about it, we ALL know people who smoke, drink, do not eat healthy yet live a long fairly healthy life! On the flip side of that, we also know people who eat really healthy, exercise regularly then keel over dead of a massive heart attack! What if that second person had their gene SNP’s tested? Maybe they would have found out they are at risk of heart disease, or cancer, Alzhiemer’s and much more! The ONLY way to know if your GSTP1 (Oxidative stress support), or any other of your actionable genes are working as they should, is to have your DNA tested! The earlier you find this out, the faster you can give your body what it needs to help correct the snp. I Cannot imagine anyone not wanting to know what their body needs to be the best it can be!

In Steps Uforia Science

Uforia science is a company based out of Texas and Utah. They have over 20 years of documented science and have brought to market the first and only (so far) customized DNA supplements based on 18 of your (heavy hitter) SNP’s. Uforia is HIPAA compliant, so all of your info is safe! In fact, they destroy your DNA within 6 weeks! They are NSF certifiedThey then customize a supplement that is all natural, vegan, non GMO, gluten free, just for you, based on your DNA.

With approx 100 possible ingredients, all peer reviewed or clinically reviewed, your supplement is put together based on your 18 SNP’s, one of them Being GSTP1. If you come back with a variant, from one or both of your parents you will have therapeutic doses of the ingredients that help not just your GSTP1 but all 18 genes!

So what will be in my supplement if I have a variant?

Great question! You will have therapeutic doses, based on having either a single (from one parent) or a double (from both parent) variable.

You will have Broccoli powder, as broccoli naturally contains a number of nutrients that are important. These include: flavonoids, carotenoids, tocopherals, beta-carotene, indoles, as well as isothicyanaes, and has very high antioxidant properties. You will also have Quercetin-98%, Resveritrol- 50%, S-Acetyl Glutathione as Emothion: remember, this is considered on the the most powerful antioxident in the body!

These ingredients are shown to support a healthy inflammatory response as well as providing maximum antioxidant support!

Here is a short video that explains it so well!

Dr Jen Meyers is Incredible! In this video below, she takes a few moments to walk you thru why its so very important to KNOW if your GSTP1 (caretaker gene) is working correctly!

Get your DNA tested today and start protecting your body!

I am sure by now you are ready to 1. find out what your genes say about you! and 2. Get what you need to keep your body as healthy and as strong as it can be! After all.. YOU are unique and divine! You can get more information in this interactive presentation HERE

You can get your DNA test kit along with what is called pretrition, this will get your body ready for your one of a kind supplement! CLICK HERE

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact me directly!

This post does include affiliate links where we may make a small commission on your purchase. We congratulate you on caring enough about your body and health to take it seriously and thank you for your purchase.

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