What “floating” can do for you!

Lets find out what “floating can do for both spa owners and YOU, the potential client! More and more owners of massage shops are incorporating float tanks into their product offering, and why not?  They are awesome!  This market is growing at an astonishing rate! Not even remotely known by the general public, it has the potential to be extremely profitable.  Mind you, floating has been around since 1954 when John C. Lilly started experimenting with the mind’s response to “sensory deprivation”. There was a lot of debate on what would happen when a person’s brain was deprived of all stimulus. There is a great article HERE, where you will see that test results were astonishing. Over the years this has led to the current float tanks used in salons across the world today.

What is Floating?

 Wikipedia describes Float tanks or “deprivation tanks” as they are also known, this way:

“An isolation tank is a light-less, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. They were first used by John C. Lilly in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Such tanks are now also used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine. The isolation tank was originally called the sensory deprivation tank.”

Float tanks have come a very long way over the years. They now have colored lighting as well as music, both optional, depending on your preferences. Most float tanks allow you to control the lighting and the music is preset according to what you ask to be played. Every float tank I have been in also has a “help” button that you can push if needed. Salons have private rooms with showers, towels and of course, your float tank.

Even with the formation in 1973 of the Float Tank Association and a standard being set for safety and hygiene, it has taken decades for the word to start getting out, and this form of relaxation to come to the forefront. People are just starting to seek out floating on a consistent basis. As the writer of this post, I can happily inform you that I am writing this as an informed and regular floater. I found floating over a decade ago, in the early 2000s and have loved it since! There is a lot of sound evidence that regular floating has a myriad of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, helping with psoriasis, stress and pain management, fibromyalgia, general and mental wellbeing, and that is just the beginning!

SOURCE: http://www.floatepsomsalt.com/pages/Float-Tank-Health-Benefits.aspx

Getting the word out about float tanks

Even as the word gets out, it astonishes me how few people actually have heard about floating, much less given it a try! Let me be the first to tell you, if you have not experienced floating, YOU NEED TO! You will be hooked! Your first float may not be as relaxing as it will be on subsequent floats, why? because many people cannot fully relax the first time, until they learn to trust that they will not sink. Once you do, you will wonder why you did not hear about it sooner! So now that you know how great floating is, its up to you to take a few friends with you the next time and introduce them to floating!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “how long is a float?” This can vary from Salon to Salon. I have spoken with owners of Salons in big cities that offer a 30 min float during lunch hours, however most floats are 60 mins in duration. Personally, I like a 90 min float, as most times it takes me 15-20 mins just to shut my brain off and relax!


Many salons offer not only the standard 60 or 90 min float, they will have what are called sleep floats, where you can actually go in for 4 hours and sleep. I know, your wondering, but what if i drown! remember, your floating in several hundred pounds of epsom salts, you cannot sink!

In Conclusion

I would urge everyone to find a local float spa and find out what kind of specials they have for 1st time floaters! You can usually get a 1st float for a very good price!

Most spa’s have monthly packages where you can get your floats at a discount by purchasing the package. I like to float at least 1x per week. I usually can get a price point of approximately $40 per float when purchased in a monthly pack of 4 floats. Of course, prices are going to vary depending on where you live.

Floating is a great way to really relax, to detox, to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! When you show up, make sure to ask if/what kind of music tracks they have and decide if you want music playing. Also remember that you can choose to have lights on the whole time, lights on part of the time, or lights off for the entire float! The support staff at the facility will be happy to answer all your questions before you start! Most facilities that I have been to have a bottle of vinegar/water in the shower, I highly suggest using it on your hair after the float, you will be taking two showers, one before you float and one after you float! I also use the vinegar in my ears. Many spas’s also offer vasoline to put on cuts or scrapes, as well as neck rings to keep your head a little higher out of the water.. I do not use either.. its a personal choice you can try both!

Keep in mind that your floating in VERY SALTY WATER! DO NOT touch your eyes with wet fingers! You will find out very quickly how much it stings!, Some people take swim goggles with them as well as ear plugs.

Happy Floating!

*pictures taken at still life massage and float in Bellingham Wa

AC-11(Cats Claw): AMAZING!

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