FTO= Fit To Obese?

NO.. FTO really is your FAT GENE! Is yours working correctly?

Most people have no clue why they are overweight. People automatically think its overeating. In some cases this may be the fact, along with lack of exercise. However, your FTO gene is real! and if its not working correctly, it could be contributing to your weight issues.

How many products have you tried?

Yoyo dieting seems to be all the rage! a new product comes out and claims its the holy grail to getting the weight off, some of them work, some of them don’t. Most do not work long term. Hence why there are so many still overweight! You would think with all the “weight loss miracles” that have hit the market over the past 20 years, people would no longer be fat! So you buy the product, you try it, maybe you lose a bit, maybe you do not. What do you do? go look for the next shiny object saying it will fix your obesity. Seriously, ask yourself, how many of these products have you ordered and used over the years? I know I have done my share of purchasing these hyped up short term products that do not fix the issue! How much money have you thrown away on this YOYO plan? Is the problem fixed? probably not! So what is the answer? Are you doomed to be fat your whole life? Believe it or not there is an answer!

FTO gene (fat gene)

YES IT DOES EXIST! Here is a short video by the acclaimed Dr Jen Myers on the FTO gene, what it is, what it does and how you can take charge if you have a variant

Dr Jen explains it so well! There is more to consider. Those with a variant in your FTO genes are prone to binge eating and obesity, this then leads to a ton of other ailments, in fact, people who have an FTO variant, studies have shown are also more at risk to certain types of colon cancer, heart disease, blood pressure problems and diabetes. So it makes sense then, that just taking a weight loss product is not going to fix the underlying issues, and would still leave you at risk for other health issues.

What is a variant

A variant in your gene, simply means that either one or both parents handed you down a gene that is not always working correctly. fortunately, Your FTO gene along with others are what are known as “actionable” genes. This means that you can take action to alter the expression of the gene. In terms of your FTO, if you have a variant and your gene is not expressing correctly, there are all natural things you can take to alter the expression of that gene. This is HUGE NEWS!

How do I know if I have a variant?

Think about it….MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars are spent yearly by people purchasing all these weight loss potions and pills. Some of them may help you lose weight, however, that does not mean that the issue is fixed. It simply means you have starved your body, of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so you can fit into that cute outfit. You still have not addressed the problem so long term weight will be an issue. The ONLY way you can find out if your FTO has either a single or double variant is thru a DNA test. You can get these thru your doctor, or even online. They range in cost from $125 to upwards of $400. Because of my relationship with a DNA guided nutrition company, you can get your FTO and 16 other actionable genes tested for about $99, if you do it here.

Once you know if you have an FTO variant. You can then take action to bring your FTO back to homeostasis! This by no means allows you to eat fast food, pre packaged food and well, junk and lose weight. You will need to do your part!

How do you fix a variant?

You can either do research to find out what you can take to help your FTO gene, This includes things like the foods you eat, exercise, saunas and more. But haven’t we all tried those? There is a NEW KID ON THE BLOCK Not only will they do your DNA testing, thru the link I posted above. I might add that all testing is done in a HIPAA compliant lab. Meaning NONE of your DNA can be sold, traded, posted, or used in any way. In fact, it is destroyed within weeks of it being submitted. Once your DNA comes back, you can have a customized supplement based on your FTO results along with 17 others!

What are the others? They are called your heavy hitter genes. They effect, heart, lungs, brain, blood pressure, immune system, inflammatory response, free radical defense and more

Think about it, most of us cannot follow a really strict healthy diet, but most of us can follow a healthy diet say 80% of the time. As long as we are making more deposits into our health than withdraws, and we address our FTO gene by giving it what it needs to work correctly, we can control our weight LONG TERM without all the yoyo products, some that are actually harmful to our bodies! If you would like to get more info on the ONLY supplement you will ever have to take to get your FTO and others, back to homeostasis, you can simply GO HERE and click on “get started” This is an affiliate link and I will make a commission. That in no way alters the fact that what the company offers is the best on the market. Your FTO is an important factor in your long term success losing weight and keeping it off, along with being as healthy as you can be!

If you want more information about your FTO gene, the information in your report or the supplementation, please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly at ruth@ruthmayne.com or 1 360 509 4302


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