Is your Immune System working correctly? Your IL6 can tell you!


Why is it that some people get sick when the wind blows and others do not.. Of course there are lot of reasons, however, it all boils down to finding out IF you have a variant in you IL6 gene. This is what regulates your immune system.

Here is a short video about IL6 by the renowned Dr Jen Myers.

New Study links the health of your IL-6 to combating COVID19

This is an ongoing blind medical study for a drug that could help people that have COVID 19 Pneumonia who are really sick. What excites me about this is the fact they bring up about how important IL-6 is to your immune capabilities! check it out! If you have a variant in your IL-6 being on a customized supplement right now during the COVID 19 season, is very important! read this 3rd party article!

How do I know if my IL6 is working?

Now that you know WHAT your IL6 is and does. Lets talk about HOW you know if yours is working. The only way to know if your IL6 gene is working correctly without guessing, is a DNA test. Now if your like me, at this point I was freaking out! saying NO WAY am I giving up my DNA to anyone! 1st: DNA is the way medicine and supplementation is going. WHY? because none of us are the same! we are all unique. what works for one person, may not work for another. Here is a perfect example: My daughter Jessica was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was just 5 years old. Back then ALL children within a certain age group were treated exactly the same. Yet only 70% survived.. that is because, despite each child getting the same treatment, their bodies, because of their DNA will respond differently, depending on what genes are working and what ones are not. I was very very fortunate that Jessica survived and is doing very well today. 2nd: If you use a reputable company that is HIPAA compliant they cannot share, sell, trade, post or give your DNA to anyone. Unlike companies like 23&me, who have sold MILLIONS of people’s DNA for profit. Its even better to find a company that incinerates your DNA so it can never be stolen and used for other purposes. You can find such company HERE. They will run a full panel on you for the genes that keep your heart, lungs, brain, BP, immune system, Lipid support, vitamins, minerals, and much more, at healthy levels and working. They will then send you a full easy to read report letting you know what genes have variants and need attention.

SO…What is a variant?

A variant in your IL6, or any gene, means that one or both of your parents handed down in that gene, something that may or may not work correctly, some or all of the time. Now to be fair, your parents have no control over the genes they pass down, so you cant be mad at them! We get 50% of our genes from our Mother, and 50% from our father. Knowing if you have a variant could keep or get you healthy as well as help ward off potential problems as you age. NOT knowing if your IL6 is working, could leave your body open and susceptible to lots of virus’s and infections that it may not be able to fight. Let’s go back to my daughter, Jessica. Back in the 90’s they did not have the technology to test DNA the way we do today. Last year when I had her DNA run, I really was not shocked. Her IL6, her SOD2 and her GSTP1 are all RED.. that means that both her father and I handed down variants in those genes. So although there is NO cancer on either side of our families, due to the genes we gave her, it left her open to many things, because her IL6 IMMUNE SYSTEM, is not working correctly. Had we had this information before the cancer ravaged her body, we might have been able to take a course in life that supported her immune system better, thus maybe just maybe she could have fought off lots more than she did.

Why can’t I just go to the local store to buy what I need?

If your like most people, I WAS! you just go to the store, pick up some vitamins, some healthy greens, some of this and some of that.. and most of the time we pick one that “looks good” from thousands of bottles and brands. Worse yet, how many of you are as guilty as I was, you see a infomercial on a great weight loss “supplement” on tv and you go order it. After all It should work right? WRONG! for the last 8 decades at minimum, we have been taking BLIND NUTRITION. What does that mean? Well, do you really KNOW if your body needs what your putting in it? or like most, are you just putting in what others say you should? Do not get me wrong, taking supplements can be a good thing, however, it can also be a bad thing. If your body does not need Vitamin D, for instance, are you aware it can become toxic and even kill you? HERE is a great article on vitamin toxicity. The bottom line.. too many vitamins and minerals can HURT YOU! Moreover, you will never really know HOW MUCH you need, unless you test your DNA. Let’s be honest, MOST of the stuff on store shelves is cheap, has fillers in it, does not have therapeutic doses, and your just throwing a dart at a board in hopes of getting something you think you may need. If its made for everyone, then really its made for NO ONE.. so why would you take it?

Lets sum up what you could/should do!

To give your body the best chance to fight off yearly virus’s, to cover yourself long term for things you may or may not know your body is prone to and to give your body the best chance you can, the only answer is to bite the bullet and get your DNA tested! Is it expensive? well I did some research on the internet and found that each SNP (gene) costs anywhere from $150 to well over $500 EACH! so that is not viable for most people. There is ONE company that does all your snp’s for about $100 in HIPAA compliant labs, then gives you a 38 page report, that even goes into detail about custom making a plant based supplement that will turn your gene on/off depending on what is needed. They give you therapeutic doses of up to 100 NON GMO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, CLEAN ingredients! I was so impressed that I immediately took action and got mine! It really opens your mind when you look at your DNA and its staring you in the face, giving you a roadmap to your current and future health! IL6 plays an important role in making sure your immune system can fight off the things that its bombarded with on a daily basis. Lets follow up on my daughter, Jessica! there has not been one flu season since her diagnosis that she is not constantly sick! UNTIL NOW! we got her DNA run HERE, then had them make her a custom supplement that deals with her DNA inadequacies, INCLUDING her IL6, and I am happy to report that this past winter, she did not get sick!

If your ready to stop the madness in buying inferior supplements, in having a cupboard full of bottles that you may or may not take, that you may or may not need, then you too can start fresh. Make sure your giving your IL6 and all the other actionable genes, exactly what they need for your long term health, then its time to take action! Talk to your doctor, look up a nutritionist, or click on the link above. Whatever you decide, know that if you do not take care of your health now, long term you will pay thru the nose for your lack of health! I wish you the best healthy life possible!

Now you can ask your family if their IL6 is working.. even if its just to start a conversation! Here is to a healthy IL6!

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